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Kaloot Technologies is a top-tier company that strives to provide web solutions for all your technology needs. From data visualization to project management, Kaloot Technologies cater to a wide range of brands looking to upscale themselves in the digital domain.

We provide digital solutions that enable and design video conferencing tools, matrimonial registrations, messaging platforms, games, e-commerce sites, payment gateways and so on. They take on various responsibilities as needed by their clients as consultants, service providers, facilitators, managers, agents, and much more to promote and market solutions and brands that need assistance in any or all domains.

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Website Design & Development

Web Design and Development Services tailored to your business vision. Captivate your visitors and let your voice be heard. Full-cycle customized web app development services with cross-platform solutions for a seamless running website. Convert more visitors into clients.

Digital Marketing Solutions

Inspire your audience with words that matter. You know your brand better than anyone. But when you partner with a company that unites software development with digital marketing and can journey with you from ideation to product creation, from going live to making your company thrive, it won’t be long before you dominate your industry online.

SEO Services

Identify what’s holding your website back by undergoing a full SEO audit to increase your online visibility and compete with the big players. From comprehensive keyword research to technical on-page and off-page SEO, our team of search engine specialists will guide you through the steps you need to take to be found and loved online.

Software development

Our team of software developers and DevOps engineers can support your business with affordable IT services, making it easy to deploy, host, manage your servers, or protect your digital assets. Focus on your core business while we manage and care for your application, setting up valuable services for which most providers charge extra – such as monitoring, backups, and alerts.

App development service

Mobile apps have emerged as the most engaging way for customers to interact with the virtual world. Kaloot technologies understand this rising demand and deliver upon it by employing new ideas and a spark of creativity to fuel the technological revolution. We're familiar with the Android and IOS universe that enables us to satisfy different requirements consistently, quickly, and effectively.

Keraliam & Just Kodavas

Social Media

Social media is the collective of online communications channels dedicated to community-based input, Interaction, Adding friends, Content sharing, and collaboration. Content includes Personal information, documents, videos, and photos via the web application, often utilizing it for messaging and sharing videos and inputs.


The important function of this Application, this app fulfills the entertainment function by providing amusement and assisting in reducing tension to a large degree. We provide options to launch New Movies, Videos, Short Movies, etc. It’s a huge platform for new talents to showcase their talent.


In simple terms, it’s a business directory. All Malayalam-speaking business owners have an option to register their business. Subscribers can search or find business places/ products according to their requirements. Option of search (filters) is available to search by category wise according to their requirements.

Helping Hands

It is important to acknowledge that care is needed. We here provide a platform to donate directly to the charity. Users can raise donations and help each other to donate blood and other facilities as per requirement.

Market Place

The platform provided to Buy and Sell Products or Goods based on consumers Interest. This includes properties as well. Example: Rent a property, sell a property or lease a property, etc as per consumer’s interest.

QR Code Scanner

Wondering what’s with the QR Code scanner? Here is a unique and exciting feature. Keraliam will launch its sticker which will have a QR code with a number allotted to every individual. When you scan that code using the QR scanner, you will know who the owner of that number is. No how cool is that!


Job Hunting can be time-consuming and lengthy, there are an endless number of resources that job seekers can use as they look for the position. This platform allows searching jobs by key skills, Designations, Companies. It gives a great platform to Job seekers and Employee seekers. It will help to find suitable jobs as per the employer’s requirement in different sectors.


The main purpose is to facilitate matchmaking by applying the information in this field. This portal is to provide Grooms and Brides with an excellent matchmaking experience by exploring the available opportunities and resources to meet the true potential partner within the community abroad and in India.

Virtual Gifts

You can choose a wide range of virtual gifts from the gifts option & gift them to your friends & family. What’s more, you can cash out your received gifts too.


This segment is a news reading platform that aggregates published news from a variety of sources within the community, Users will have all updates and news related to Kerala and Malayalee’s worldwide through our news sections.

Festival & Event

This segment provides users an easy to navigate and to engage visually over video sections of festival events. This will also help all communities to bring together festival updates, calendar dates, and any cultural events which is going to take place.

Why Choose Kaloot technologies?

  • Transformative technology

    We constantly aspire to break boundaries and set new standards through the power of virtualization.

  • At Kaloot technology, it is our objective to provide a one-stop destination for the customers. From our full-service web design to marketing services, we can help your firm realize its digital goals.

  • We don't innovate for the sake of it - we put forth carefully crafted, well-designed products to answer real challenges in the real world.

  • Everyone wants to have a quick ROI to make a profit. We lay special emphasis on design that makes users go, wow! So, for designing purposes, reach us.

  • We're dedicated to supporting our clients who seek to create truly frictionless, secure, and accessible applications.